Rubber compounds and mixtures

Raw rubber of various types and various hardnesses
Raw rubber of various types and various hardnesses


Una-Zorcic d.o.o. provides compositions based on: NR, NBR, SBR, BR, EPDM, CR, SILICONE, VITON.
Mixtures are mixed on rollers and mixers in black or other color. For all mixtures we offer quality and mechanical properties such as:
- specific weight,
- hardness,
- wear
- stretching,
- breaking strength
- resistance to temperature,
- lubricants and others.
We have a laboratory where we can exert control and product analysis.

For many years, Una-Zorčić has been producing raw rubber (rubber compound), viton, silicone rubber that can withstand temperatures up to 300 ° C. We produce raw rubber according to our recipes that have been technologically tested. The rubber mixture is used for further processing and production of finished rubber and PVC products.


NR (polyisoprene)
Natural rubber characterized by above-average tensile strength and elasticity (up to 500%). Resistant to abrasion, hot and cold water, ethylene glycol, ammonia, dilute acids and bases. Not resistant to oil and organic oils. It has limited resistance to high temperatures and ozone.

NBR (nitrile butadiene)
Rubber resistant to mineral oils, fats, liquid fuels and aromatic thinners, vegetable oils and dilute acids and bases.

CR (Neoprene) Rubber (polychloroprene)
Also known as neoprene rubber has good mechanical strength and resistance to water and aging. It is characterized by high resistance to ozone and weather conditions. It is moderately resistant to oils and fuels. Specificity is also its property of adhesion to various substrates.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomers)
Rubber characterized by good resistance to ozone, aging, chemical thinners, acids, bases and steam. It is resistant to UV radiation and extreme temperatures up to 130° C.

SBR (styrene-butadiene)
Synthetic rubber resistant to water, salts and weak acids, and is also characterized by resistance to abrasion and aging of the material. It belongs to the group of harder tires and is less elastic due to the higher amount of styrene butadiene. It is weakly resistant to weather conditions, oil and fuel.

IIR (Butyl) rubber (isobutylene-isoprene)
A rubber that has excellent resistance to oxidation, ozone and weathering. It can withstand long-term exposure to high temperatures, and shows stability in dilute acids and bases. It does not leak gas and water, which makes it ideal for making the inner layer of the pipe.